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Easy Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams and Schools

Magazine Drive Offering Over 700 Titles
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The American Publishers Hearst (APH) Magazine Drive features a 64-page catalog offering over 700 of the most popular magazines in America.  An APH magazine drive is one of the most successful fund Raising ideas for schools.  With titles such as Entertainment Weekly, Better Homes & Gardens, Sports Illustrated, Time, Discover and many more, your sellers will have something to offer everyone.  Students or players don’t even have to “sell” anything; rather, they can just offer to renew everyone’s current magazine subscriptions while offering the lowest magazine subscription prices anywhere.  And, unlike some school fund raising ideas, a magazine fund raiser has no “second step” of delivering products back to your customers because, as you know, the publishers deliver everything!  No minimum order is required.

Stainless Steel Insulated Tumblers
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16 oz. Insulated Stainless Steel Tumblers are great for hot or cold beverages—and that makes them one of the most practical fund raising ideas for sports teams and schools.  They’re also BPA-free, dishwasher safe and feature a no-leak sipper lid.  Colorful custom imprinting for your sports team or school organization is available at no charge.  In addition, we will create a custom Order-Taker featuring your organziation’s tumbler along with other popular generic designs that will give your customers other purchasing options.  That means you can offer these insulated stainless steel tumblers to almost anyone whether or not they are affiliated with your organization!  The minimum order for custom imprinting is only 50 tumblers.

Fantasy Football
or Baseball Discount Card Fund Raiser
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This is the Fantasy Sports Discount Card Fund Raiser, and you’re about to discover why it has become one of the most exciting school and sports fund raising ideas to come along in years.  Your sellers will go nuts when they learn that this discount card fund raiser has an interactive and exciting Fantasy Sports game that is linked to the current NFL or MLB season.  Each week cardholders can go online to trade top professional players among their family members and friends, create a Fantasy Sports team-of-the-week, and compete for terrific cash prizes!  (You don’t have to make player-trades to win—you can win just by being lucky!)  Each card offers a discount from a local merchant worth at least as much as the price of the card.  The minimum order is 500 cards and there is a generous return policy for unsold cards.

Restaurant.com Gift Cards
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Restaurant.com Gift Cards are good at thousands of participating restaurants across the US.  Your customers can even use these gift cards on family trips and vacations.  You will offer these great fund raising discount cards for just a fraction of the savings your customers will enjoy—and your school or sports team will still make a great profit.  In addition, we will create a custom order-taker featuring the participating restaurants in your area so you can take customer orders before placing a second order for the gift cards.  Restaurant gift cards are a great fund raising idea for schools and sports teams that don’t want to get locked in to a large minimum order.  The minimum initial order is only 50 gift cards.

Engraved Pens and Gifts Fund Raiser
I-Mark Engraved Pens and Gifts
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I-Mark Engraved Pens & Gifts is one of best quality fund raisers you will find, and each item is not only of remarkable quality, but also carries a lifetime warranty.  All items are laser-engraved with the purchaser’s or gift recipient’s name or initials.  Personalized gifts are both special and thoughtful gifts that are treasured by the recipient.  In addition, your sellers can take large promotional orders from local businesses—because the ordered items can be laser-engraved with a corporate logo in striking detail at no additional charge.  (No minimums on personalized items; Minimums of 50 of the same SKU apply only to orders with engraved corporate logos.)

School Yearbook Publishing Made Easy
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The Way to Easy Yearbook Publishing is with our free Easy School Yearbook Publishing Kit.  This kit contains easy instructions for putting together a yearbook that will be custom-made for your school or any other youth organization.  You’ll see how other schools have designed their yearbooks and how easy it is to add artwork from our treasury of picture files.  This yearbook kit is also packed with time-saving tips and how-tos.  If you can move an object on your computer’s screen with a mouse, then you’ll be surprised with how easy it is—and how much fun you’ll have—designing your school’s yearbook.  And if this is the first time you have used a kit to put together a yearbook, you can feel reassured in knowing that friendly assistance is only a telephone call away!  Minimum order: 100 yearbooks.

Designer Tote Bags
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Designer Tote Bags are a cheery and unique fund raising idea.  They are available in Large and Very Large sizes and feature nifty little extras like zippered pockets, shoulder-length comfort grip handles, and reinforced construction.  These shopping totes will hold 45 lbs. and they are designed to last for years. Also featured in our designer tote bag brochure are large insulated totes and insulated lunch-bag totes—both with Velcro closures.  There are even designer Neoprene protective covers for smart phones and iPads and other tablets.  If you are looking for easy and unique fund raising ideas, then look no further.  You just found one!  No minimum order.

BPA-Free Sports Water Bottles
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These BPA-Free Sports Water Bottles are custom-imprinted with your school’s or sports team’s logo or artwork, and—since not all of your potential customers are members of your organization—you can sell them along with sports bottles that are imprinted with the licensed logos of major colleges and universities and pro sports teams.  That is, we will create a custom order-taker featuring a color picture of your organization’s sports bottle along with licensed sports bottles for colleges or professional sports teams in your region of the country so you can take customer orders before placing a second order.  The minimum order for custom-imprinting is only 100 bottles.

   “Insanity is doing the same
    thing over and over again
    and expecting different

 — Albert Einstein

Successful Fund Raising Ideas

Success in fund raising is not about product.  Rather, it’s about what you do or fail to do to make your fund raiser a success.  All too often fund raising products are just “put out there” without regard to how the campaign is implemented or managed and, if the fund raiser is not successful, the product that was sold invariably gets the misplaced blame.

However, consider that the product that was sold without much success last year was probably a success for other youth sports organizations in similar communities.  Frankly, you can change your product, but if you don’t change what is really responsible for your campaign’s disappointing outcome, then you shouldn’t expect different results the next time around.

There are only a few things you need to do correctly to take your fund raiser to the next level, and Champion can help guide you there.  Successful fund raising is more nuanced than most people realize, and a little help in the right direction can mean thousands of additional dollars to your next sports fund raising effort.

Contact Champion.  Our mantra says it all:  We want your next fund raiser to be the easiest and the most successful fund raiser you have ever had.

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